Our Team

We are a group of highly qualified tightly co-operating experts with different expertise in the branch of pharmaceutical regulatory and pharmacovigilance sciences.​ We emphasize the importance on the permanent professional growth on national and international level.

Michal Pohl, MD

CEO, Founder

Email: michalp@pharma-service.cz

Miluše Bernadič

Managing Director

Email: miluseb@pharmaconsulting.cz

Ludmila Leskourová

Back Office Manager

Email: ludmilal@pharma-service.cz
Phone: +420 608 788 022

Ilona Davidová

Pharmacovigilance Project Manager

Email: ilonad@pharma-service.cz

Dmytro Kagan

Pharmacovigilance Specialist

Email: dmytrok@pharma-service.cz

Anežka Malechová

Pharmacovigilance Specialist

Email: anezkam@pharma-service.cz

Valentýna Koutníková

Medical Specialist

Email: valentynak@pharma-service.cz

Kateřina Habrdová

Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

Email: habrdova@pharmaconsulting.cz

Helena Pážíková

Regulatory Affairs Artwork Specialist

Email: pazikova@pharmaconsulting.cz

Tereza Fialová

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Email: terezaf@pharma-service.cz

Lucie Zvonařová

Quality Assurance Specialist

Email: luciez@pharma-service.cz